Eating freshly sliced pineapple is a sure way to brighten your day—but did you know pineapple can be turned into things other than simple slices? A pineapple core has many uses. Preparing a pineapple is easy work with a fast and powerful pineapple corer, so you should think twice before you toss your pineapple core away. There are countless delicious and creative recipes you can try with leftover pineapple cores. Make the most of this bright and tasty treat with these top ways to utilize the core of a pineapple.

Make It Into Stock

When you’re debating what to do with a pineapple core, creating a stock might not be the first idea you’d think of. Pineapple broth is a flavorful base that’s perfect for making lots of different recipes, including sweet and sour or sweet and spicy soups. Blend and cook your pineapple core with other vegetables to make the broth. Using tomatoes and celery is great, but you can also experiment with different produce to get the precise flavor you want. Alternatively, if you’re making a savory broth out of meat or fish, you can add the pineapple core to the broth to sweeten the flavor.

Purees, Toppings, and More

Knowing how to eat a pineapple core comes down to knowing how to incorporate it into everyday dishes that pair well with pineapples. There are plenty of easy pineapple core recipes you can use to make toppings and garnishes. A classic puree is a good place to start. Boil the pineapple core to soften it, then puree it into a liquid. This topping is perfect for pastries, soups, and cocktails.

Create a simpler topping by grating a pineapple core onto dishes for a sweet and tangy touch. It’s excellent on salads or sweet meats and barbecues.

One of the top ways to utilize the core of a pineapple is to cut and freeze it. You can freeze small cubes and use them as ice cubes in drinks. Alternatively, freeze larger chunks—or the entire core—to use it as a garnish in punches, teas, sangria, and other fruity drinks.

Raw Slices or Pineapple Chips

Did you know that you can eat pineapple core by itself? Many people avoid the core because it’s tougher than the rest of the pineapple, but you can circumvent this by slicing it into thin pieces. Pineapple core is great raw, but you can also turn slices into dried pineapple chips. Simply spread your pineapple core slices out on a baking tray and bake them until they dry. Then you’ll have a crisp, tasty snack you can munch on for the rest of the week.

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