Eco-friendly practices are good for more than just the environment. When you find creative and sustainable solutions for your business, you get the chance to save money and experiment with fun new ideas. For restaurants, juice bars, and other businesses that serve fresh fruit and vegetable juice, one such opportunity comes in the form of your leftover pulp. You can toss your pulp in the trash, or you can use it to make delicious and creative recipes for your customers. Reusing pulp is a great way to have some fun in your kitchen and eliminate waste for your business. Start saving today with these eco-friendly ways businesses can use leftover juice pulp.

Delicious and Nutritious Breakfast Options

Breakfast and brunch options are a popular way to attract customers, especially if you can add something new and unique to your menu. You can create a lot of fun and exciting recipes out of leftover fruit or vegetable pulp. Baked goods are a great place to start. If you make a carrot-based juice blend, try collecting the pulp and turning it into flavorful carrot cake cupcakes. You can also use carrot, apple, or other subtle pulp flavors in zucchini or banana bread. Another popular option is to create homemade cream cheese spreads with the leftover pulp from your commercial fruit or vegetable juicer. Mix the vegetable pulp with seasonings like onion or garlic powder to create a savory spread. Alternatively, create a sweet topping for bagels and other treats by mixing fruit pulp with cream cheese and other finely chopped fruits.

The Perfect Starter for Vegetable Broth

Soups are a great menu option for restaurants and cafés. You can make your lunchtime soup specials even tastier by using vegetable pulp as a base for your broths. Tomato-based juices are perfect for this, but you can make a delicious soup out of any vegetable pulp with a little creativity. You can also freeze your pulp and thaw it later when you’re ready to make the soup, further reducing waste in your kitchen. The best part is that vegetable pulp from a high-quality juicer—like our Ceado ES-500/700/900 series—is bursting with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other essential nutrients. By adding this deliciously nutritious ingredient to your broths, you create a rich and healthy base for every soup you serve.

Serve It up In Other Drinks

Juice isn’t the only fruity drink customers enjoy. One of the best eco-friendly ways businesses can use leftover juice pulp is by adding it to other tasty drink options. Fruit teas are a simple and delicious way to do this. Choose your fruit pulp, boil it with water, and add seasonings like cinnamon or ginger to create a sweet and delectable drink. This works beautifully with orange or grapefruit pulp from a professional citrus juicer. For cooler drinks, freeze your leftover pulp in ice cube trays. You can then add these flavorful frozen cubes to any drink for a tasty and healthy boost.

How will you use the extra pulp from your commercial fruit and vegetable juicer? The only way to find out is to experiment. Creative menu options are just one of the many benefits you get from installing a commercial juicer in your establishment. Bring delicious success to your business by investing in a high-quality juicer from Juicernet today.