2nd Gen. Self-Serve Cold Pressed Juicer (MFJ) by JBT

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Juice Quality

This is the perfect juicer for supermarkets, high volume juice bars and more. The self-serve cold pressed juicer uses the Whole Fruit Extraction Principle. This instantaneous extraction principle is the primary reason for the superior quality juice delivered by the Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi-Fruit Juicer that separates the peel oil from the fruit. Peel oil adds bitterness to the taste of citrus juice, so minimizing peel oil provides a cleaner taste of juice.

Quality is also assured through the sanitary design of the juicing components. The MFJ significantly reduces risk of contamination because of the peel separation process. Three pulp strainers (no pulp, some pulp, more pulp) are available.

Increased Juice Output with Variable Speed

The 2nd Generation model offers three-speed settings instead of one, increasing juice output by approximately 65% more than the 1st generation model and 50% more than competitor models. This Multi-Fruit Juicer model is capable of handling up to 33 pieces of fruit per minute and producing up to 55 gallons of fresh juice per hour.

New Open Design

A faster and easy to operate version of the classic system with a better theater effect. The juicer features viewing windows showing the juicing process and increased visibility of stored citrus. 

Digital Display Panel

Monitors fruit cycles and tracks maintenance schedule. 

Easy Clean-up

The new stainless-steel interior allows for complete wash down, making cleaning the juicer quick and easy.

Large Hopper 

The 2nd Generation model includes a two-case hopper, compared with the 1st Generation one-case hopper.

Significantly Higher Juice Yield than Cut and Press Method Juicers

The Fresh’n Squeeze Multi-Fruit Juicer yields more juice per unit of fruit than any other citrus processing equipment with a minimum of 40% more yield. Its unique design allows the juicer to handle various fruit sizes and most of the world’s citrus varieties, including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tangerines, without any change of component parts.


Fruit size:  2.5″ to 3.875″ diameter
Oranges — FL:  125 to 50 count
Oranges — CA:  138 to 48 count
Grapefruits — FL:  56 to 48 count
Throughput: 25 to 33 fruit per minute
Hopper capacity:  80 Ib. (2 cartons)
Reservoir capacity:  3.5 gal. (1 carton)
Waste container capacity:  40 Ib. of peel (2 cartons)
Speed:  25 fruit/minute (40 to 60 gallons/hour)
Certifications: NSF, CE, cULus
Electrical specifications:  115V, 60 Hz
Shipping specifications:  65.4h x 26w x 35d in
Net/Gross Weight:  750 Ibs / 995 lbs

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