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NSF Certified Sugarcane Juicer SC-4

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NSF-Certified Sugarcane Juicer SC-4

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Discover the Power of American Ingenuity with Our NSF-Certified Sugarcane Juicer

Crafted in the Heart of Jupiter, Florida:
Experience the unparalleled quality of the only NSF-certified sugarcane juicer in North America. Assembled with pride in the USA, this juicer is not just a machine but a testament to American craftsmanship.

Revolutionary Easy-Clean Technology:
Say goodbye to cleaning hassles! Our innovative design features removable rollers and juice compartments, making your post-juicing cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe down the base and take the juicing parts to the sink – it’s that easy.

Exceptional Juice Yield:
Get every last drop of goodness! Our one-pass unit, with a strategically engineered gap between the rollers, ensures the highest juice yield. The high torque mechanism is tough on the cane but gentle on your time, efficiently juicing even the toughest varieties.

Enhanced Safety, Uncompromised Efficiency:
Safety is paramount. With safety switches, an emergency stop feature, and an extended feed tube for added protection, you can juice with peace of mind. Plus, an impressive 179 Nm of torque (131 Foot Pounds) and a powerful 400 W, 0.53 HP motor mean you’re equipped for any juicing challenge.

The Natural Elixir – Sugarcane Juice:
Sugarcane, a bamboo-like tall grass, is a powerhouse of nutrition. Our JuiceMatic SC-4 juicer transforms it into a delightful energy drink, rich in low glycemic sugar, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals. Enrich your diet with iron, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, all in a delicious, natural form.

Why Sugarcane Juice?
– A natural remedy for sore throat, cold, and flu.
– Boosts the health of your kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, and stomach.
– A rich source of iron and essential vitamins.
– Instantly energizes your body with its carbohydrate richness.

Invest in Your Health with Confidence:
Assembled with care in Jupiter, Florida, your investment is protected by a one-year parts warranty. Experience the blend of American engineering and the art of healthy living today.

Transform Your Juicing Experience – Choose American Quality. Choose Health. Choose Our NSF-Certified Sugarcane Juicer.


WARRANTY: One-year parts

Inlet hole size: 2.25 in diameter
Dimensions: 27 l x 13 w x 21 h in
Net / Gross weight: 198 / 223 lbs
Motor: 15 rpm, 110 volts, 60 hz, 1/2 hp, 10 amps
Manufactured by JuiceMatic Plus, Inc.

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