If you own a sugarcane juicer, you might often wonder what to do with sugarcane stalks. Sugarcane juice is a versatile ingredient you can use in many ways. Satisfy your customers’ thirst for delightful drinks—discover three tasty things you can do with sugarcane stalks.

Create Delicious Juice

Fibrous sugarcane stalks are filled with sweet juice and offer one of many ways to improve your restaurant’s brunch service. This tasty beverage has many health benefits, such as boosting energy, protecting the digestive system, and supporting dental health.

Juice fresh sugarcane stalks for your customers with the SC-3 by JuiceMatic, the only NSF-certified sugarcane electric juicer on the market. The appliance yields a lot of cane stalk juice so you can create more product per stalk.

Place the sugarcane into the machine; in moments, the rollers press the sugarcane stalk and extract the juice. For a simple refreshment, serve sugarcane juice over ice.

Craft Unique Lemonade

Another tasty thing you can do with sugarcane stalks is create unique lemonade or limeade. Rather than using plain water and adding sugar, blend lemon or lime juice with sugarcane juice for a mouthwatering flavor. It’s a simple twist on a classic recipe.

In some countries, people boil and evaporate raw sugarcane juice to create unrefined whole cane sugar. In many Spanish-speaking countries, this versatile product is called panela. Panela imparts its slightly caramel flavor and rich aroma to cold and warm drinks, including ice-cold lemonade and limonada de panela.

A commercial sugarcane juicer will make it easy for you to make a variety of sugarcane-based drinks at your juice bar. Sugarcane juice makes an excellent base for many drinks and can help you create special beverages that make your business stand out.

Mix Tasty Cocktails

Cocktail menus in bars and restaurants can also make great use of sugarcane stalks. Elevate cocktails and mocktails with fresh sugarcane juice. You have endless possibilities when considering which drinks to make, but the mojito is one of the best. Use the classic ingredients of rum, mint, lime, granulated sugar, and club soda, then add fresh sugarcane juice for a brighter taste.

You can use sugarcane stalks as drink garnishes or swizzle sticks to create a fun, tropical vibe. Consider cutting a sugarcane stalk into thin sticks to skewer fruit for a unique presentation.

Stop wondering what to do with sugarcane and quickly create delicious drinks with a sugarcane machine from Juicernet. It’s easy to take apart the appliance for cleaning and simple maintenance. Shop for this must-have equipment for your business today. Contact us with any questions or explore our blogs to learn more about ways to utilize sugarcane.