For centuries, people have enjoyed creating enticing cocktails that please the eye and the palate. Modern mixologists add their own twist to the tradition. Whether making a classic drink or devising a new creation, improve your cocktail menu with these fresh ingredients.

1. Sugarcane

Spirit manufacturers use sugarcane juice to make different distilled liquors, most notably rum. But fresh sugarcane juice has a sweet, floral flavor that can infuse your cocktails with a taste that brings spring and summer to mind. Experiment using sugarcane juice with light rum, tequila, or citrus liqueurs like Italian limoncello.

2. Pineapple

Customers love the taste of tangy, sweet pineapples. Use fresh pineapple juice to boost the flavor of your piña coladas, or add pineapple juice to other classics like margaritas, mimosas, and mojitos.

Fresh pineapple can elevate your cocktail’s presentation. Whether garnishing drinks with pineapple leaves or the bright yellow fruit, you can use every part of the pineapple to create a tropical sensation. Juicernet carries a selection of pineapple coring machines that quickly core and peel pineapples for beautiful displays and efficient prep.

3. Grapefruit

Fresh, bittersweet grapefruit pairs well with both sour and sweet drinks. And this citrus fruit’s unmistakable, unique flavor makes it an appropriate star of drink options.

The opaque, pink-orange color of grapefruit juice adds a dazzling touch to vodka-, gin-, and tequila-based cocktails. Use Juicernet’s Ceado S98 or Ceado SL98 citrus juicers to extract the greatest volume of juice from grapefruit and other citrus varieties.

Juicernet has professional juicers, corers, blenders, and mixers to help you improve your cocktail menu with fresh ingredients. Add a sweet flair to drinks with fresh sugarcane juice.

Our sugarcane juice extractor presses sugarcane through stainless steel rollers to yield maximum juice in one pass. Shop with us today for efficient equipment for your bar.