Brunch usually starts at around 10 in the morning and can go until two in the afternoon. As the word brunch suggests, this meal combines elements of breakfast and lunch. Many people love to dine out for this meal every week, creating a great opportunity for your business’s revenue. To maximize this revenue, discover four ways to improve your restaurant’s brunch service.

1. Save Time on Prep

Every meal service is a balancing act for a restaurant business. You want to provide quality food and drinks that people love, but you need to get items out fast. Improving efficiency in the kitchen lessens wait time for customers without sacrificing quality.

Professional appliances make it quick and easy to prepare the volume of fruits and vegetables you need. For example, Juicernet’s Piñabar peels, cores, and cuts pineapples into spears or cylinders in just seconds.

2. Offer Consistent Quality

More than for other meals of the day, people like to stick to routine when it comes to breakfast and brunch. To accommodate this, focus on providing consistently delicious, quality meals and drinks. Patrons will love to return week after week for their favorite menu items.

3. Make Delicious Juice, Cocktails, and Mocktails

One of the best ways to improve your restaurant’s brunch service is to make juice, cocktails, and mocktails with fresh fruit. Juice pairs well with savory and sweet dishes alike, and people often drink orange juice and apple juice with breakfast.

Furthermore, brunch cocktails and mocktails taste great with fresh fruit, and you can serve classic varieties or give recipes a twist. As an idea, the classic mimosa features chilled orange juice, but you can offer a variation, such as a mimosa with pineapple and strawberry.

4. Know Your Patrons

What should you keep on your brunch menu, and what should you let go of? It all depends on what your guests order and crave. Do you have a mix of demographics coming through the door, or do you cater primarily to families, young adults, friend groups, or retirees? Identify your patrons’ eating preferences to find out what they want from their brunch meal.

Depending on your clientele, you might want more carbs on the menu, or you may want lighter dishes. You might incorporate more fruit into alcoholic beverages, or you might make hearty smoothies. Whatever you do, meeting customers’ expectations with a unique brunch service that hits the spot is the goal.

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