Grocery retailing is a highly competitive industry, and effective marketing is essential to any successful supermarket’s business strategy. Improving merchandising and brand recognition can make your store stand out.

Creating a unique identity for your grocery store is a rewarding investment. Explore some unique custom branding ideas for your supermarket.

Create Artisan and Specialty Sections

Support your community and appeal to customers who prioritize buying locally. Create specialty sections that promote local businesses and products and make shopping more convenient.

Display custom signs for these areas to showcase local and artisanal products’ unique stories and benefits. The signage will highlight the authenticity of the products and associate your brand with quality and community support.

Sell Branded Reusable Bags

Another unique custom branding idea for your supermarket is to design your store’s reusable bags. Eco-conscious consumers are interested in sustainable alternatives. Offering reusable bags can underscore your commitment to eco-friendliness.

The bags should feature your store’s color scheme, typography, logos, and imagery. Put a special spin on this product by incorporating environmentally themed graphics and slogans.

Make Your Store More Interactive

Keep your customers engaged with interactive elements in the store. Interactive equipment can take the hard work out of food prep, encouraging more sales of produce customers might otherwise ignore.

For instance, pineapple is a delicious fruit, but its spiky skin, large crown, and prickly “eyes” make it an intimidating fruit to cut. Fortunately, Juicernet’s Piñabar self-service pineapple machine peels, cores, and spears pineapples in seconds. The machine creates a unique in-store experience, making pineapple prep fun, fast, and easy.

Branding Tip: Apply a Custom Wrap to Your Pineapple Machine

Customize your Piñabar with a wrap that showcases your business logo, color palette, and other design elements. The branded wrap and the machine’s exciting display will create a memorable impression.

Are you ready to increase fresh produce sales with an interactive pineapple machine? Contact Juicernet to order a unique Piñabar branded for your supermarket.