Commercial Juicer for Supermarkets

Use a commercial juicer in your supermarket to cater to customers’ rising demand for nutritious beverages. Juicing equipment can boost grocery store revenue and satisfy health-conscious consumers who appreciate convenience.

Stand out from competitors by making your store the go-to shopping destination for fresh juice. Juicernet’s user-friendly juicing equipment is easy to operate, so you can make your commercial juicer customer-facing or solely employee-operated.

As supermarket owners and managers know, an item’s placement in the store affects how customers interact with it. Place the juicer strategically to maximize its impact on sales and the shopping experience. Putting the juicer in a high-traffic area increases its visibility, generates curiosity, and entices customers to try juicing. The bakery is another popular area to place this equipment, as staff can readily assist customers with the machine if needed.

One of the best ways to upgrade the produce section is to add an orange juice machine in the supermarket. Juicernet’s citrus juicers yield the most product per fruit, minimizing any waste. Depending on your citrus juicer model, customers can customize their drink to have no pulp, some pulp, or more pulp.

An orange juice bar makes the shopping experience more interactive and adds an entertaining element. Customers will enjoy watching the juicer peel and seed the fruit before extracting juice. In moments, they’ll have fresh juice in hand.

The fruit and vegetable juice market allows supermarkets to diversify their offerings and tap into a growing customer base. Advertise that your store’s fresh juice is healthy, convenient, and free from additives to highlight the benefits to customers.

Attractive signs can explain the advantages of your product’s essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Customers will enjoy the refreshing flavors and feel great that their beverage helps them meet their daily nutritional requirements.

Attract new business and drive repeat visits with high-quality juice. Commercial juicers work efficiently and create consistent products. In addition, daily cleaning will help keep the appliance performance safe and optimal.

Make a splash in the fruit and vegetable juice market with a high-quality commercial juicer from Juicernet. Shop our selection of attractive equipment that will boost sales and customer engagement.

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Our main equipment suppliers are Ceado, JBT Fresh’n Squeeze, Dutch Food Technologies Piñabar USA, and JuiceMatic.

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