Melissa DelMastro

The Importance of Keeping Your Juicer Clean

Customers Health
As government regulations increase, the safety and health of your customers becomes more of a concern. Nowadays, people are quick to report an illness to the authorities especially when it’s from a product they consumed from a local business.Bacteria can grow inside of your juicer components if they aren’t cleaned often or thoroughly enough.Recently, Hepatitis A has been reported by some restaurant patrons.Hepatitis A is a viral liver disease that can cause mild to severe illness and can generally be prevented by properly cleaning your juicer. Businesses can suffer a significant slowdown once the local news begins to cover the story. The easiest to clean commercial juicers are Ceado juicers using a specifically formulated commercial juicer cleaner such as EZ Power Cleaner. It works on tough stains like carrots, turmeric, and more to keep sickness and illness at bay while ensuring repeat business.

Higher Juice Yields
All juicers have a mesh/juicing screen which is usually the most difficult part to clean. Emptying it and cleaning the screen with a nylon bristle brush in between customers will increase the juice yield. Essentially, by keeping the screen clear, more juice can be made. EZ Power Cleaner works very well for cleaning screens and is exclusive to Juicernet.After each juice employees make, they should run a cup of water through the juicer to make sure the flavors stay pure and that any residue is removed so that juice yields are optimal.

Better Tasting Juice
Keeping your juicer clean is a time investment, but it’s the best way to ensure your juice is flavorful and healthy for your customers. Ceado juicers have magnetic parts that are easy to remove for cleaning, not requiring any tools. It’s just a matter of cleaning in between drinks that will have a positive effect on juice flavor and freshness.