Cut open a pomegranate, and you’ll find arils glistening like jewels. An aril is a seed covering and the edible part of the pomegranate. Most pomegranates have red arils, but some varieties are pink or even yellow-green.

This antioxidant-rich fruit provides many nutritional benefits, including fiber, vitamins C and K, and minerals. Enjoy a fresh glass of sweet and tangy pomegranate juice with these pro tips for juicing pomegranates with a juicer.

Step 1: Remove the Crown

The top of the pomegranate—the blossom end—looks like a crown. Using a sharp knife, cut a circle around the crown at a sharp angle. Remove the crown.

Step 2: Make Shallow Vertical Cuts

Pomegranates aren’t perfectly round in part because of their slight vertical ridges spaced around the fruit. Using your knife, make shallow cuts along the ridges, working from the top to the bottom of the fruit.

The cuts should only go through the fruit skin. Avoid cutting into the fruit and bursting the arils.

If you can’t feel the ridges, you can still make shallow vertical cuts through the pomegranate skin. Your cuts should create about five or six sections.

Step 3: Open the Pomegranate

Gently pull open the pomegranate. Depending on the number of cuts, you’ll have five or six wedge-shaped sections containing the juicy arils and white pith. A pro tip for juicing pomegranates with a juicer is to decide if you want to separate the arils and the pith before juicing, as the pith imparts bitterness.

Step 4: Separate Skin, Pith, and Arils

To separate the arils from the pith manually, fill a bowl with water. Submerge one segment of pomegranate in the water and use your hands to remove the arils from the skin and pith. Doing this with the fruit underwater prevents the pomegranate from staining your clothes.

The pith will float to the top of the water and the arils will sink. Skim the pith off the water, then drain the water to collect the arils.

Step 5: Juice!

If you separated the arils and pith, place the arils into your juicer. If you didn’t separate the arils from the pith, place the pomegranate wedges without the skin into the juicer. Consider adding other fruits such as apple, pear, or cranberry for a mixed juice blend.

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