Bev Winkley • Aug 14, 2020

Hot days of Summer require refreshing relief

Summer’s newest “cool” drink is gaining popularity in the U.S.  Sugarcane juice has been enjoyed in regions such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Vietnam and other tropical cultures, but more recently introduced in America. Juice drinkers are surprised to find that it tastes fruity, not overly sweet as the name suggests. They also appreciate that it provides nutrients like iron, potassium, and calcium. Additionally, cane juice contains electrolytes, which make it the perfect summer refreshment for dehydration prevention.

Before juicing machines were common, by-passers would purchase stalks from street side vendors and chew on them to extract the sweet juice. Eventually vendors discovered that pressing the stalks through a sugarcane juicer produces more yield and easy consumption. A sugarcane juice base allows for creative mixology of flavors, which varies around the world. In Taiwan, its common to include ginger, Singapore adds milk and Pakistan mixes it with citrus juice, such as lime or lemon.

Back in the U.S., sugarcane juice bars have popped up along the West Coast and are spreading across the country. These juice bars offer blends that not only include ginger and citrus juices, but pineapple, coconut and other tropical fruits for a healthy treat. Asian and Indian restaurants use the juice in traditional dishes featured on their menu and its now a common mixer for cocktails.

This versatile juice has also been discovered to make a delicious rum! Distillers cold press the fresh-cut cane through the rollers of a cold press sugarcane juice machine and distill the juice around 70 proof, which maintains the aroma and flavor. Bartenders are inspired by the unique flavor and enjoy creating concoctions that bring a fresh element to the beverage.
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