Nicole Loomis

If you’re in the process of opening a juice bar, you’re probably researching the types of offerings to include on your menu. While Americans consumed 4.8 gallons of juices per capita in 2021, it may not be enough to have only traditional choices like orange or apple on the menu. In the modern age, many customers are looking for unique flavors that provide a wealth of nutrients.

Extracting wheatgrass juice, for example, might be a process that’s a bit foreign to you (and even some of your clientele). But this drink is an immensely powerful one that can boost the health of your customers — and your sales. Let’s take a closer peek at a few reasons you might want to consider investing in a commercial wheatgrass juicer.

  • It can heal: Wheatgrass juice is considered by many to be an effective healer, as it contains numerous minerals, vitamins, and natural antibacterials. Some studies have found that wheatgrass juice can reduce inflammation even in those with chronic inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders and serious diseases. That could be because the liquid customers can enjoy from a wheatgrass juice extractor machine contains a high percentage of chlorophyll. Data shows that chlorophyll can impede the activity of proteins that cause inflammation. For customers who are trying to recover from an injury or a hard workout — or for those who are battling a difficult health condition — wheatgrass could cure what ails them in some cases. And as a bonus, chlorophyll has been found to strengthen one’s blood and even slow down the aging process!
  • It’s a superfood: You’ve probably heard a lot about so-called superfoods, such as blueberries, kale, spinach, avocado, and other nutrient-packed ingredients. You can count wheatgrass among these offerings, as what you’ll make with help from your commercial wheatgrass juicer will be rich in virtually everything your body needs. This drink really packs a punch for everything you get; not only is it rich in protein and vitamins A, B, C, and E, but it also has magnesium, calcium, and amino acids (eight of which are essential, meaning humans can’t produce them and need to get them from food). When customers want to order a drink that’s truly healthy and will help their bodies function better, this will be the one to recommend.
  • It can reduce cholesterol: A recent study found that wheatgrass can reduce harmful cholesterol and boost good cholesterol in those who follow high-fat diets. In fact, the study showed that the effects produced by the addition of wheatgrass were comparable to those produced by a popular drug commonly prescribed to treat high blood cholesterol. This study also found that the addition of wheatgrass prompted an increase in glutathione, an antioxidant that helps promote the body’s natural detoxification processes in the liver. While more examination is needed, these early results show a lot of promise for the future in terms of opting for natural additions to one’s diet to supplement or replace medications.
  • It can regulate blood sugar: If you’ve ever experienced the physical effects of high blood sugar, you’ll know they aren’t pleasant. These include excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, and headaches in the short term, as well as vision issues, nerve damage, and infections in the long run. For diabetics and hypoglycemics, there might be some good news. In some studies, wheatgrass has been found to help with blood sugar regulation. While nothing is totally conclusive yet, adding in a glass of fresh juice from your commercial wheatgrass juicer on a daily basis could alleviate the unpleasant and potentially harmful symptoms associated with high blood sugar levels.

Clearly, investing in a commercial wheatgrass juicer could have massive appeal to health-conscious customers. To find out how to get juice from wheatgrass like a pro or to learn more about our juicers, contact us today.