Nicole Loomis 

Whether you use your commercial juicer at home or have it installed in your restaurant, juicer machines can be a great way to get more fruits and veggies into daily meals. There are plenty of benefits of juicing that can make it a great addition to your kitchen, commercial or residential. However, if you really want to make the most of the high quality juicer machine in your home, you’ll want to remember these top juicing tips.

  • Mix fruits and vegetables: Juicing is one of the easiest ways to get more vegetables into your diet, or into your kids’ diets if they’re picky eaters. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends several cups of fruits and vegetables per day, but roughly 70% of Americans don’t meet these daily recommendations. Mixing fruit and veggies into your juice is a great way to hide them, while still getting your daily greens.
  • Keep it whole: Whenever possible, try to juice as much of the fruit or vegetable as you can. Leave the skins on, unless the skin is too thick or is unsafe to eat. Leaving the fruit or vegetable as whole as possible keeps as many of the vitamins and minerals in your juice as you can.
  • Focus on freshness: While this might be one of a few juicing tips that seem obvious, it’s important to keep in mind. When juicing, aim to juice your fruits and vegetables as close to serving the juice as you can, and make sure you’re sourcing produce from the right places. The fresher the juice, the better the taste. Juicer machines can make sure your juice as is fresh as possible; can’t get much fresher than “just squeezed.”
  • Get adventurous: If you have the opportunity to select your own unique fruits and vegetables for your juice, why not get a bit creative with your flavor combinations? Try mixing fruits that you aren’t as big a fan of with fruits that you love to see if you can find a combination that makes you enjoy your least favorite fruits. This will help you get all the benefits of those fruits you’ve been avoiding due to the taste.

At Juicernet, we want to make fresh juice accessible to all with high-quality commercial juicers, corers, and other equipment. Want more juicing tips to help you make the most of your commercial juicer? Contact Juicernet today for more information.