If you run a juice bar or other business that relies on fresh produce to make a profit, you need to source your fruits and vegetables carefully. Luckily, modern industry practices let businesses buy produce from farms of all sizes in all different corners of the world. Discover how to use all your produce options to your advantage with this guide on where to source your fruits and vegetables from.

Top Produce Sources in the US

The United States is home to several diverse climates, which means a myriad of different fruits and vegetables grow throughout the country. California is the nation’s biggest producer of fruits and vegetables. Oranges and tomatoes are a popular California export in the juicing world, but the Golden State is also responsible for strawberries, kiwis, melons, peaches, and much more.

Other big produce sources for the juicing business include Florida with its famous oranges, Washington with apples, grapes, and cherries, and Wisconsin with cranberries.

The Perks of Buying Local

There’s a good chance you don’t have to look far to find fresh produce. Local farms, farmers markets, and other suppliers are excellent sources of fresh, in-season produce. Plus, sourcing fruits and vegetables locally is a great way to support your community, improve the local economy, and implement more sustainable business practices. When deciding where to source your fruits and vegetables from, it’s always a good idea to look at local producers first.

Getting Off-Season Fruit and Vegetables

Of course, buying local isn’t always an option. When you want fresh fruits and veggies that don’t grow in your climate or aren’t currently in season, you can turn to other states and countries. Warmer states like California and Florida have longer growing seasons, allowing you to purchase certain fruits and vegetables for more of the year. Additionally, many fruits and vegetables come from Mexico and countries in Central and South America. Sourcing from warmer countries—or working with suppliers who import produce from these countries—allows businesses to sell a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables all year round.

Finding the right produce source helps you maintain your inventory and continue to serve customers season after season. Once you have your favorite produce in stock, use the powerful fruit and vegetable juicer machines from Juicernet to turn your quality produce into fresh, delicious, and healthy juice. Visit Juicernet today to buy the right juicer for your produce.