Beet juice blends sweet and bitter earthy flavors and has a vibrant red-purple color. This ingredient changes the flavor of cocktails in a way that customers and mixologists love. Captivate your patrons with these three beet juice cocktails to add to your bar menu.

1. Beet Martini

Depending on your ingredients, a martini can be sweet, bitter, or bitter-sweet. Classic martinis contain dry gin and dry vermouth stirred with ice and served with an unstuffed Spanish olive. But modern variations can contain vodka and be shaken, and there’s no end to how you can customize a martini.

Beet juice creates a visually striking martini, and the flavor of the juice complements the botanical notes of gin or vodka to create a well-balanced cocktail. Test out the ratios in your kitchen, but you can start by adding one ounce of beet juice per two ounces of gin to your recipe.

2. Beet Margarita

The beet margarita is another sensational beet juice cocktail you’ll want to add to your bar menu. A regular margarita is a sweet, sour, and salty concoction typically made with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. The drink might also include simple syrup, and it can be served with ice, without ice, or blended with ice.

Beet juice transforms the margarita into a beautiful magenta-hued cocktail with a sweet note. Include a cup of chilled beet juice for every cup of chilled tequila.

3. Ginger Beet Old Fashioned

The old fashioned is an enduring favorite, first served as early as 1800. This classic whiskey cocktail is known for its strong, straightforward flavor profile: bitter and slightly sweet. The robust flavor comes from bourbon or rye whiskey, a sugar cube, and bitters.

Take this time-honored drink to a new level with beet juice and ginger simple syrup. The ginger adds spice which the beet juice brightens with a light sweetness. For every two ounces of whiskey, add one ounce of ginger simple syrup and three-quarters ounce of beet juice.

Beet juice imparts a vibrant red color and unique flavor, making a surprising range of cocktails even more delectable. Add beet juice to martinis, margaritas, and old fashioneds to give a creative twist to these classic beverages.

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