Have you noticed a new flavor gracing supermarket shelves? From fresh produce to bottled sauces and many places in between, yuzu is becoming one of the world’s most popular food trends. This lemon-like fruit is a versatile ingredient with a flavor like no other, making it popular for chefs and customers alike. Find out everything you need to know about this trendy fruit with our definitive guide to yuzu.

What Is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit originating in east Asia. Today, yuzu grows in China, Australia, Spain, Italy, and France. Yuzu is particularly popular in Japanese and Korean cuisines, but it’s quickly gaining international fame as consumers across the world catch on to the trend.

Yuzu is yellow like a lemon and about the size of a tangerine. The rind is uneven and thick, and the fruit contains large seeds on the inside. As a result, yuzu doesn’t yield a lot of edible flesh, making it hard to eat as a typical citrus fruit. Instead, people make the most of yuzu zest and juice.

A major appeal of yuzu is its strong floral fragrance. The sour and tart flavor of yuzu balances well with other flavors.

Yuzu Trends and Uses

The versatile flavor of yuzu makes it a useful and popular ingredient in a wide range of recipes. Yuzu is a delicious addition to citrus-infused hot sauces, marinades, and other similar sauces. The fruit is also a popular addition to Japanese tea and acts as cold relief when added to hot drinks.

Yuzu flavor also shows up in a variety of snacks, especially in Japanese supermarkets and other east Asian shops. Customers can find yuzu chips, sorbet, and ever-popular hard candies.

Using Yuzu in Your Kitchen

Yuzu is a versatile ingredient that can enhance savory dishes and sweet treats alike. Now that you know more about yuzu and why it’s such a trendy fruit, you can add it to your own menu! Make sure your kitchen has the right equipment to take advantage of yuzu’s popularity with Juicernet’s range of professional citrus juicers. Contact Juicernet today to find a solution that lets you make the most of every fun ingredient trend.