It is easy to see why the juicing industry has become so popular. Health-conscious customers have fresh new products to enjoy. Busy, on-the-go patrons can get their fill of fruits and vegetables without slowing down. Best of all, business owners have a new and colorful way to entice customers, increase revenue, and keep their business booming. Fresh juice is not going away anytime soon, in fact, studies have shown an increased desire of consumers that want to live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more fresh foods in their diet. Discover why it’s worth the squeeze: three benefits of using a commercial juicer when you invest in one of Juicernet’s commercial juicers

Cost-Efficiency: More Product for Less Effort

Efficiency is one of the key ingredients in making a successful business. Perhaps you do not have the time or the money to waste on slow processes or ineffective time-consuming machines. If you want to satisfy customers, you need a juicer that delivers fresh, healthy, and delicious juice as quickly as possible. A commercial juicer such as the Ceado ES500, ES700, or ES900 fruit and vegetable juicer—allow you to make and serve juice for your patrons quickly. Plus, the minimal prep time and easy clean-up make using your juicer a straightforward and hassle-free process.

Bring Vibrant Versatility to Your Menu

When you invest in a commercial juicer, your possibilities are endless. Add variety to your menu by thinking outside the box by incorporating creative drinks made from fresh fruit and vegetables. Brighten up brunch with fresh-squeezed orange juice, apple juice, or any fresh fruit of your choice by using your commercial citrus juicer or fruit and vegetable juicer. Distinguish your restaurant or business by incorporating delicious juice products made from fresh ingredients into your cocktail menu.

An Investment That is Worth Every Cent

When you invest in your business, you must weigh the costs against the rewards. Additionally, the benefits of using a commercial juicer far outweigh the cost of purchasing and maintaining your juicing machine. With an efficient, high-quality commercial juicer in your kitchen, you can serve fresh new products to customers in no time. The vibrant drinks you add to your menu will attract a wider customer base, bringing more business and increased foot traffic. Juicernet makes it easy to maintain your juice by providing the option to order spare parts that can be easily found on their website or their parts team can assist you in selecting appropriate parts to keep your juicer running efficiently. Maintaining your juicer will ensure an increased lifespan of your juicer and will guarantee the best juice around town.

Why put off success? Explore Juicernet’s products today to find the perfect juicing equipment that your business needs.