Committing to juicing seasonal vegetables can be beneficial to both a business and to the environment. Produce is at its best quality and has the most affordable prices when it is in the season. By choosing to incorporate seasonal produce into recipes your juice bar directly supports local farmers, produce, and the environment as a whole since less transportation and refrigeration will be required. You will also be able to better manage contaminants in foods that often come from foods sourced outside of the United States. Foods that are outsourced are often sprayed with contaminants to extend its life and the long trips. Seasonal produce is also known for being more nutritious since it is often consumed closer to harvest.

Many juice bars have seasonal menus they incorporate every season with common seasonal produce. Customers enjoy the new recipes and like to change their drinks with the seasons. The success of pumpkin flavored everything is a good sign consumer demand for seasonal flavors is still going strong.