The world of grocery stores is changing. As online shopping and delivery options become more common, grocers are looking for ways to increase physical traffic within their stores. Many businesses are discovering the benefits of adding in-store food and beverages to draw customers to their doors. A juice bar offering fresh, on-demand beverages is one of the best ways to do this. Find out why you should add a juice bar to your grocery store and how it can help your business in this rundown.

Attract (and Retain) Health-Conscious Customers

Anyone can enjoy delicious fresh juice, but health-conscious customers will be especially excited about this addition to your store. Fresh juice is full of nutrients. Customers looking for their daily dose of vitamins and minerals will gladly stop by for a drink. Juice is also a perfect natural energy boost in the middle of the day. Fresh juice is a great alternative to picking up bottled juice, soda, or coffee near the checkout line. Customers looking for ways to improve or maintain their wellness routines will choose your store over your competitors in the area.

You Already Have the Data

Part of why you should add a juice bar to your grocery store is that it’s much easier than starting a business from scratch. You already know key business information, such as your busiest time of day, the amount of foot traffic you get, and the type of customers in your store. You can leverage this data to generate maximum profits for your juice bar. If you see a lot of shoppers with young children, make sure fresh orange juice and apple juice are on the menu. If you sell a lot of healthy foods and products, give your health-minded customers something to drink with wheatgrass juice, green juices, and other superfood ingredients.

Make Shopping Fun for Customers

Grocery shopping is a chore for some, but if you can entice customers with fresh, healthy, and delicious juice, they’ll enjoy being at your store much more. In a world where customers can choose to shop for groceries online without ever stepping foot in your store, a welcoming and colorful juice bar is the perfect way to bring people into your physical store.

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