Using fruit in your recipes can help you produce delicious batches of sour beer. Luckily, professional juicing equipment can make it easier for you to add natural flavors to your beer. Read on to discover why you need a juicer for brewing sour beers.

1. Create a Complementary Pairing

Adding the right fruit to the right beer creates a delicious pairing. Fruit often tastes better in sour beers than in more alkaline beers that have a higher pH. Even if you want to emphasize the aroma or flavor of the fruit, you want it to balance well with your beer base.

Use a juicer to add fresh fruit to your brew. It’s fun to broaden your offerings, whether you’re creating a seasonal beverage or a unique item to stay permanently on the menu.

2. Simplify the Brewing Process

Another reason why you need a juicer for brewing sour beers is that the machine will simplify the process. The fruit’s form can change the reactions that occur during brewing. For example, pre-packaged fruit purees and juices can contain additives, such as preservatives, that interfere with your brewer’s yeast.

Professional juicing equipment extracts the highest amount of juice per fruit. Commercially produced fruit juices and concentrates often contain substantial amounts of added sugar. Because of this, these products impart a weakened flavor to your beer. Use equipment to juice fresh fruits and add more flavor.

3. Experiment with Different Fruits

The flavor of fresh fruit isn’t the only consideration when adding juice to sour beer. For example, fruits typically contain various organic acids, such as malic, citric, and tartaric. Different fruits contain different concentrations, but most fruits have at least trace amounts of all three of these common acids.

The sugar in fresh fruit strongly affects its flavor. But the batch loses the fruit’s sugars during refermentation, making the acid more prominent. Researching the effects of specific fruits on your beer base will give you an idea of what to expect, but creating experimental batches will provide you with the best understanding of how to use fruit to achieve the flavors you want.

Juicing appliances are convenient and easy to use, helping to improve the efficiency and precision of your experimental process. Whether you want to juice citrus fruits, apples, or pears, the right equipment will simplify juice extraction so that you can focus on formulating your recipe.

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