The self-serve Piñabar machine from Juicernet will revolutionize your produce aisle. Our Piñabar can peel, core, and cut a pineapple in just 20 seconds. Customers can go home with fresh, delicious pineapple without the hassle of waiting in line or prepping the fruit themselves. Many different parts work together to make the Piñabar so effective. Look inside our pineapple coring machine with this overview of what to know about the parts of a self-serve Piñabar machine.

Custom Wrap

You can customize the Piñabar’s appearance to suit your needs. This fantastic branding opportunity makes your Piñabar pop, attracting eyes and leading curious customers over to the machine. Customize the Piñabar machine with any style or color to show off your business logo and tempt customers into giving the device a go.


The Piñabar uses multiple blades to efficiently peel, core, and cut pineapples. The top and bottom blades cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple to make the fruit a proper height. The rosette blade peels and cores the pineapple, leaving behind nothing but the fresh, juicy fruit customers love. You can easily remove these blades, making them easy to clean daily. Additionally, the Piñabar comes with different sizes of blade sets designed to cut different sizes of pineapple. Using the correct set ensures a clean cut and smooth operation every time.

Waste Bin

In addition to delivering delicious pineapples with no hassle, the Piñabar makes it simple to clean all the unused parts of the fruit. The Piñabar machine comes with a waste bin that holds up to 40 pounds of peels. Plus, the machine counts each pineapple it cuts, which gives an indication to the user as to when the waste bin is nearing capacity. This feature prevents overflow and makes cleanup easy all day long.

Now that you have what to know about the parts of a self-serve Piñabar machine, are you ready to bring this new opportunity to your business? Visit Juicernet today to learn more about our Piñabar and see how a self-serve pineapple corer can help increase sales and customer satisfaction.