Create custom juice beverages with ingredients that help your customers meet their health goals. The components of functional drinks improve specific body functions and offer broad nutritional benefits. Read on to discover what to know about functional juice drinks.

1. Juice Raw Fruit and Veggies

Raw fruits and vegetables form the foundation of a functional juice drink. Drinking juiced whole fruits and vegetables can help you meet the daily recommended serving for optimal health. The synergy of fruits and veggies combined with other ingredients like amino acids amplifies the drink’s benefits.

Professional juicing equipment can juice fresh produce as varied as pineapples, citrus, apples, sugarcane, celery, and leafy greens. Aside from packing a nutritional punch, fruits and vegetables give functional juice drinks a delicious flavor and enticing color.

2. Pair Juice With Special Ingredients

Perhaps the most important thing to know about functional juice drinks is that you tailor recipes to target desired outcomes. As you craft your drink menu, consider the purpose you want each beverage to serve.

Functional drinks can increase energy, improve digestive processes, enhance mental clarity, support immune health, and boost workout recovery. Add components such as herbs, amino acids, and probiotics to your base of fruits and vegetables to create delicious, powerful concoctions.

3. Craft Drinks That Deliver

Many people who order functional drinks wish to avoid highly processed ingredients and added sugars. Instead, focus on nutritional ingredients from natural sources, and explain the benefits of key components of your drinks. Whether your juice bar is a standalone business or part of a wellness center, restaurant, hotel, or another establishment, customers who order functional beverages value nutritional transparency.

The better the quality of the juice, the better the flavors of the functional juice drink. Use cutting-edge commercial juicers from Juicernet for consistent quality and efficient preparation. Shop today to participate in the hot and growing trend of personalized nutrition.