The self-serve Piñabar machine gives your customers fresh speared and cored pineapple in just 20 seconds! This innovative machine boosts pineapple sales, and it’s easy to maintain. Discover what you should know about cleaning and maintaining a Piñabar.

Empty the Waste Bin

After every cycle, the machine registers the pineapple on a counter that indicates the number of pineapple skins in the waste bin. Once the counter reaches the maximum number of peels, an orange light flashes and the machine will not cut any more pineapple. The standard setting is 20 peels.

Open the machine door to access the bin. Opening the door automatically restarts the counter, but you must empty the waste bin to ensure it does not overfill.

Remove and empty the waste bin. Place the empty container back in the machine and close the door. Press the start button to let the device perform a test without pineapple. After the test run, the machine is ready for use.

Remove Components for Cleaning

A trained operator can clean the Piñabar in about 15 minutes. Clean the machine at the end of every workday to maintain food safety and hygiene.

Turn off the main switch on the machine’s backside, then unplug the appliance. The operator should wear cut-safe gloves, as it’s essential to carefully remove the sharp cutting blades when cleaning and maintaining the Piñabar.

Open the front door and carefully remove the top, bottom, and rosette blades. After removing the blades, remove the safety pin, the presser/masher, and the pineapple cup/holder, and empty the waste bin. Your user manual has clear pictures of each component.

Clean the Machine and Parts

Use warm water and soap to clean the machine, removable parts, and blades. The manufacturer recommends using Ecolab cleaning products; you can find details about these products in your user manual.

Do not use hot water because it can corrode the blades, and do not wash parts in a dishwasher. Towel-dry all parts. Clean the inside of the machine daily by hosing it down over a drain. Then, place the dried parts back in the machine in the reverse order you removed them.

Periodically emptying the waste bin and cleaning the machine at the end of every operational day keeps your equipment in optimal condition. This unique branding tool improves your customers’ shopping experience—shop with Juicernet for the Piñabar self-service pineapple machine.