Anyone who has ever experienced the joy and innovation of the Piñabar is sure to rave about it. This patented system transforms any produce section, putting businesses above other competitors in their area. When you place the Piñabar on your sales floor, you bring convenience and character to your store. Still not sure if this machine is right for your business? Make an informed decision with this rundown of what a Piñabar machine is and how to use it.

What Is a Piñabar?

The Piñabar is a self-serving pineapple machine. Customers can use it to quickly core, peel, and spear fresh pineapple at their convenience. The Piñabar transforms a whole pineapple into a convenient bucket of pineapple spears in 20 seconds. The speedy convenience this machine brings to your sales floor will have customers flocking to your store for more.

An Attractive Business Feature

One of the most appealing things about the Piñabar is the branding opportunity it presents. Having the option to customize your machine’s wrapping gives you the opportunity to decide what best fits your business’s image. Entice customers with eye-catching colors and your attractive company logo. This is a great way to boost your image and increase brand recognition within and beyond your sales floor.

How the Piñabar Works

The Piñabar features a simple and intuitive design that any customer can use. To start the pineapple cycle, place the pineapple in the top container and close the door. Next, place the empty bucket at the bottom of the machine. Finally, press the start button.

The door around the pineapple will lock (for safety) as the machine rotates the pineapple to cut the top and bottom. This standardizes the height of the pineapple, allowing the machine to press the fruit down through the rosette blade. This blade peels and cores the pineapple; then, the core and peel fall into the waste bin, while the fresh pineapple drops into the bucket for customers to take and enjoy.

How Will You Transform Your Business?

Now that you know what a Piñabar machine is and how to use it, it’s easy to see how business owners and customers alike benefit from it. At the end of the day, the Piñabar pineapple machine is a tool that allows businesses to serve their customers well, boost sales, and stand out among competitors. How will this piece of equipment change your business? Find out when you purchase yours from Juicernet today.