In many grocery stores and supermarkets, the produce section is the first thing customers see when they walk in. As such, a good produce section is essential to creating a good first impression. From how you organize displays to the unique products you offer, there are several ways to make your store’s produce section more inviting. Use these tips and ideas to mix things up and give your produce section a successful makeover.

Keep a Clean and Fresh Appearance

No one wants to step into a produce section full of dirty, bruised, or wilting fruits and vegetables. Staying on top of cleaning tasks ensures your produce always looks as enticing as possible. Keep an eye on the produce section throughout the day, and take the time to sweep the floors and wash away any spills or other messes that arise.

In addition to keeping the area surrounding your produce clean, it’s important to make sure the products themselves look fresh and appetizing. Rotate produce regularly and remove any bruised, wilted, or otherwise unsellable products. Additionally, keep produce bins well stocked, especially during peak hours, to avoid empty shelves and boxes.

Create Smart Pairings

Product pairing is a clever way to bring attention to different displays and help customers find exactly what they’re looking for in your store. In the produce section, you can make various fruits and vegetables more appealing by pairing them with complementary products. Organize a vibrant array of berries on a shelf together so customers can pick up their favorites in one place. Celebrate fall by creating a display with all your seasonal squashes.

You can also help customers who are looking for common recipes by pairing ingredients together. For example, placing romaine hearts near tomatoes and carrots makes it easy for customers to grab everything they need for a delicious salad. Pay attention to sales trends and customer desires so that you can create clever product pairings that show off your produce in the most effective way possible.

Offer Something Unique with the Piñabar

There are several produce staples that you can find in any grocery store, but it’s the unique product offerings that make you stand out among competitors.

The Piñabar pineapple peeling machine is a special and worthwhile addition to any produce section that sells fresh pineapple. Customers can serve themselves by picking out their pineapple and taking it to the Piñabar machine.

Installing a Piñabar in your produce section allows customers to take delicious, cut pineapple home without sacrificing freshness or quality by buying pre-cut pineapple. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the machine’s custom wrap options to create a branded image or other colorful display that complements the rest of your produce section.

Make your store’s produce section more inviting with the Piñabar pineapple peeling machine from Juicernet. Learn more about how the Piñabar can enhance your store when you visit us today.