Nicole Loomis

Are you a bar owner trying to figure out how you will increase the products you offer to your customers? Offering fresh fruit juice could be one of the ways you can use to enhance your business and tie-down your customers. Most of the people around the country are interested in fruit juices and vegetables due to the recommendations and dietary guidelines in the United States. Americans are required to consume several cups of fruit juice and vegetables, but unfortunately, only 30% meet these guidelines.

Although some of the Americans are ignorant about fruit juices, most of them don’t access fruit juice. You will be offering products that are in high demand, especially to health enthusiasts. If you have little or no information about fruit juices, don’t worry, here is a number of simple juice bar recipethat you can use.

1. Carrot Orange
There are several juice bar recipes out there but carrot orange stands out among others. Orange juice has always been a great drink in the morning. However, if you want to take orange juice to another level, you need to add carrots and improve the already sweet flavor. With a fresh orange juice machine, you can start offering something that your customers are not accustomed to, thereby creating a niche.

2. Cucumber Apple Kale
Cucumbers can be a great addition to anything, and they will always give your customers unending refreshment. However, by adding several juice bar recipe items, such as apples, you will be adding the needed natural sweetness. On the other hand, kale provides the much-needed nutrients that are available in green vegetables. The three juice bar recipe gives you a combination that has unending benefits when it comes to fruit and vegetable juice.

3. Typical Tomato
Offering a glass of tomato juice will get the day started for your customers. Tomato juice is savory, refreshing, and very useful in getting the brain going, especially in the morning. With good juicing equipment and best vine ripe tomatoes, you will come up with an insatiable appetite for tomato juice. Use Roma and plum tomatoes because they are very juicy and available throughout the year.

4. Watermelon and Lemon
Watermelon and lemon have very distinct flavors and tastes. Although watermelon juice is sweet, lemon produces sour flavor like other citrus fruits. You can combine the two fruits and come up with a flavor that is out of this world. The two juice bar recipe has a balanced nutritional composition with melon providing natural sugars and antioxidants while lemon helps in burning excess fats in the body.

5. Berry Ginger
Chocolate and other candies constitute the largest sweet products bought in fast-food joints. How about replacing them with natural sugars and antioxidants present in berries? With a good combination of berries and ginger, you will come up with one of the best fruit juice flavors out there. This is an antioxidant flavor that works out well during summer. With certified commercial juice extractors, you will be able to extract enough juice to satisfy your customers in hot summers.

6. Delicious Pineapple
Pineapples are a common fruit around the world, and many people eat them raw. However, there has been an emergence of this fruit juices in various stores around the country. You can get a commercial automatic juicer and prepare delicious pineapple juice in your facility and avoid stocking processed pineapple juices. Customers are always attracted to naturally prepared food products, and they will consider your pineapple juice at the expense of processed juicy drinks.

After analyzing your customers and their specific alcoholic needs, you will realize that a considerable number of them are fruit juice enthusiasts. All you need to do is get a juice bar recipe and try out with your customers before going out full throttle with several juice recipes and flavors. However, you need to make sure that you have the right juice maker in your facility.