Once you delve into the world of fresh juice, it’s hard to resist adding new flavors and recipes to your juicing routine. Juiced fruits and vegetables offer different textures and flavor combinations, making each new beverage a thrilling experiment for you to enjoy.

Even better, there are endless unique and nutritious ingredients that are fantastic for your tastebuds and the rest of your body. Are you brave enough to branch out with your juice recipes and try something new? If so, check out these unusual and downright weird foods that people like to juice.

Enjoy Natural Spice with Horseradish

Horseradish is a root vegetable with an earthy, naturally spicy flavor. This spice is related to wasabi, mustard, and cabbage, so it provokes a divisive reaction in people. However, it can also be a flavorful addition to your juice recipes.

Just as many people add ginger for a warm touch to their juice, you can add horseradish to spice up your drink. In addition to adding an exciting flavor, horseradish contains antibiotic properties and helps detox the liver.

Add Dandelions to Your Leafy Greens

Most people consider dandelions as little more than an annoying weed, making them one of the weirder foods that people like to juice. That said, dandelion greens are a fun and nutritious option to try in your next green juice recipe. The earthy and slightly bitter flavor balances well with sweet fruits or strong flavors such as ginger or lemon.

Be careful when picking your ingredients, though. Harmful pesticides affect the dandelions that grow in most yards. Grow your own in a clean environment or pick up dandelion greens at a health food store. Additionally, be sure to use only the leaves as an ingredient, not the flower.

Reap the Benefits of Fresh Onions

Onions offer the greatest nutritional benefits when they’re raw, making them an incredibly healthy ingredient for vegetable-based juices. Fresh onions fight inflammation with antioxidants and offer high levels of beneficial organic sulfur compounds. Even if you don’t enjoy the taste of raw onions, you can easily mask the flavor by adding them as an ingredient in multi-vegetable juices.

Creating unique, flavorful, and nutritious juice recipes is easy when you have the right equipment. Visit Juicernet today to find the right commercial juicer machine for your kitchen and learn more about what the world of juicing has to offer.