Bev Winkley • Sep 14, 2020

New varieties are abundant this season

Harvest for Washington apples start this month and run through November. Familiar varieties include Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith, however new varieties such as Juici, Rave and Cosmic Crisp are gaining popularity and their crops have been healthy and abundant. Apples are perfect for juicing with leafy greens to add sweetness resulting in delicious tasting beverages. The Juici apple crop specifically, will see a noticeable spike in supply this fall. Juici’s are a blend of sweet and tart, crossed between a Honeycrisp and Braeburn. They live up to their name in providing an amazing amount of juice which make them perfect for juicing.

All apples pair well with most vegetables for delicious juice blends. And Ceado’s ES line of fruit and vegetable juicers are the best machines on the market today for extracting optimum amounts of juice. By using a double-feed chute, they produce approximately ½ gallon of juice/minute. Ceado is superb in manufacturing machines consistent in productivity and quietness, which is ideal for high turnover juice bars that process over 22 lbs. of fruits and vegetables per day. The ES-900 is the newest model in the line with a heavy-duty increased output of 1000w compared to the ES-700 output of 800w and the ES-500’s 700w output.  
Juice bars can produce higher yields utilizing newer, juicier apple varieties with Ceado’s ES juice extractors. They can also provide the nutrition boost consumers are looking for as they focus on staying healthy moving into flu season combined with the unknown future of the viral pandemic.  

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