How eco-friendly is your juice bar? Running a sustainable business means reducing waste, improving your carbon footprint, and incorporating environmental responsibility in everything you do. In addition to helping the planet, eco-friendly business practices can boost your reputation and draw in more eco-conscious customers. When you practice sustainability, everyone wins. Are you looking for ways to get started with your business? Check out these tips for creating a sustainable juice bar.

Incorporate Reusable Products

Reusing supplies and materials is a key part of minimizing waste and practicing sustainability. One of the biggest ways juice bars can incorporate reusable products—and encourage their customers to do the same—is through reusable cups. Selling your own branded cups and straws is a great way to spread your business’s name while also giving customers an easy way to reduce waste within and beyond your business.

Waste Not, Want Not

How often does your juice bar throw away peels, pulp, and other fruit or vegetable leftovers? Instead of adding to your trash cans every day, you can reuse those remnants in other food and drink recipes. The fruit pulp is a flavorful addition to baked goods like muffins and bread. You can also use leftover pulp to make cozy fruit teas for customers to enjoy.

Even if you have no use for leftovers, you should look for responsible ways to get rid of them. For example, you can compost pineapple peels and cores from your commercial pineapple corer instead of throwing them away.

Keep a Sustainable Inventory

Some of the best tips for creating a sustainable juice bar require looking beyond your front doors. Take the time to study your inventory practices and where your products come from. Are you supporting sustainable farming practices? Purchasing produce locally and seasonally requires lower shipping costs than far-away commercial farms. In addition to acquiring fresher products, you also lower your carbon footprint. By doing this, you are supporting other local businesses as well, which is another effective way to get your name out there and build a friendly business reputation that will attract your customers’ attention.

Juicernet is here to support you and your business goals. Our reliable, efficient juicing products allow you to worry less about the equipment you use and more about the way your business impacts the world. Invest in products you can trust when you visit Juicernet today.