Nicole Loomis • Jun 13, 2019

Juice bars make an awesome addition to any restaurant. They offer variety and healthy alternatives to your customers, which are two things that can really sell. However, if you’re going to invest in opening a juice bar, you want to do it right. One piece of juicing equipment and a lack of recipes isn’t going to incite enthusiasm in your customers. Here are some ideas on how you can create a fun and successful juice bar.

Offer Variety
The best thing you can do is offer a wide range of juice bar recipes. In 2015, orange juice was the most popular juice among Americans, but everyone has different tastes and even the most avid orange juice lover could get bored with it after a while. Investing in more than one commercial fruit juicer will allow you to offer a variety of flavors with ease, as will keeping a stock of different fruits. You can also invest in things like a wheatgrass juice extractor to add some extra health benefits to your drinks.

Come Up With Fun Recipes
Once you have a variety of fruits and flavors available, you can start thinking about some exciting recipes. Having a list of juice bar recipes for people to choose from not only makes it easier for them to make a decision, but it will keep them coming back so they can try new things. You can even come up with some smoothie recipes if you want to expand your menu even more.

Buy Fun Supplies
Another way to promote your juice bar and attract customers is to invest in fun, eye catching supplies. Colorful straws and decorative cups will grab the attention of other customers and make them want to know where those exciting drinks came from. People enjoy colorful and aesthetically pleasing food and beverages, so this is a great way to liven things up with your new juice bar.

With any new feature or menu item, it’s always good to advertise. You can place informational signs on your tables, hang a fun poster in the front window, or hand out discounts on juice drinks at a local event. Let your community know that you are opening a juice bar and what you have to offer. Customers love a discount and it will give you a chance to get them hooked on your new drinks.