Nicole Loomis • Mar 24, 2020

Adding a juice bar to your existing retail space is often a no-brainer. With it, you can appeal to health-conscious consumers, attract more people to your primary business, and increase your income. Though installing a juice bar has these benefits, you need to think about where to place it so you can squeeze as much benefit from it as possible. Whether you manage a supermarket, hotel, or gym, read these tips for choosing the right juice bar location.


A supermarket is large, so if you pick a location for your juice bar that doesn’t get adequate foot traffic, you won’t make as much money or retain customers. Within a large supermarket, there are two spots that work well for different reasons: at the entrance and near the produce. If your juice bar is near the entrance—either within shoppers’ line of sight when they enter or near the baggage area—you’re sure to attract people as they pass. Plus, shoppers who just enter the store are more likely to stop and buy juice for their shopping trip when their carts are empty and they have a lot of shopping ahead of them.
Another option is to put your juice bar near the produce section. Though this area may receive a bit less traffic than your entrances, many still cycle through here. The primary reason to do this is to market your produce. If shoppers taste how well certain fruits and vegetables pair with one another, they’re more likely to buy produce for themselves.


Hotels’ juice bar options boil down to the lobby or a dedicated dining area. Placing a bar in the lobby heightens guests’ initial impression of your amenities and ensures your juice bar is in a central location. Rather than the conventional snack bar, or in addition to this, a juice bar in the lobby would set your offerings apart.
On the other hand, you can install a juice bar in your hotel dining area for easy access during meals. If you choose, you can offer your juicing capabilities as an amenity for paying guests and greatly improve their dining experience.


When gym owners choose the right juice bar location, they must decide whether to place a juice bar in or beyond the lobby. When you build a bar in the lobby, you have the potential to attract anyone who wants to stop in to buy fresh-pressed juice. This could increase your overall sales.
However, if you place your juice bar within your actual facility, you can market the juice bar as one of the amenities you offer gym members. This may cap your sales, but it can help you keep members in the long run. Consider placing your bar in a central area within your gym if you go this route to maximize its visibility and members’ access to it.
If you want to move forward placing your juice bar in one of these locations, you may need commercial juicing equipment to do so. If you need a professional citrus juicer, sugarcane juicer, or other quality juicing product, get in touch with our knowledgeable Juicernet team.