Providing your fitness studio members with delicious beverages can help your business earn more money while supporting customers’ fitness. Discover the top refreshments to offer at your fitness studio.

Infused Water

Your customers will drink water before, during, and after their workouts. Whether your customers find regular water refreshing or bland, infused water is one of the best drinks you can offer at your studio. Add natural ingredients like herbs, fruits, and spices to water to elevate the flavor.

Berries, rosemary, ginger, melon, citrus, and cayenne are just a few ingredients you can use. For more flavor, use a higher ratio of ingredients to water.

You can offer the same infused water flavors daily or rotate through different options regularly. Storing the water in countertop beverage dispensers creates a beautiful display that’s easy to access.

Sports Drinks Made In-House

Some of the top refreshments to offer at your fitness studio are sports drinks made in-house. Offering commercial sports drinks gives your clients familiar options, but fresh sports drinks entice customers with a beverage unique to your studio.

When crafting your sports drink, include fluid, carbs, and electrolytes, especially sodium; these ingredients will hydrate customers and provide fuel for workouts. Remember to use a balanced recipe to prevent upset stomachs.

Fresh Juices and Smoothies

Finally, you can mix your own delicious and healthy fresh juices and smoothies. Since you’re making these beverages in your studio, you can leave out unnecessary ingredients that work against your customers’ fitness goals. Instead, create customized drinks that appeal to your customers and support their wellness.

Whole fruits and vegetables and other fresh ingredients please everyone’s palates. Consider adding protein with ingredients like peanut butter, coconut milk, or even seaweed. When you make your own juice and smoothies, you can offer classic or creative drinks as they suit your customer base.

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