Fresh juice is an excellent way to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables. The specific nutritional benefits of juice—such as the vitamins and minerals you’re absorbing—depend on what kind of fruit or vegetable juice you drink. However, the way you drink can also influence how nutritious your juice is. Chewing a liquid drink might seem counterintuitive, but it can help you absorb more nutrients and promote healthier digestion. Discover the top reasons you should be chewing your juice with this guide.

Chewing and Necessary Enzymes

Chewing is an important function that breaks down food and makes the digestive process easier. However, chewing has another function that we don’t often think about: producing enzymes. The motion of chewing releases the enzyme ptyalin, which kick-starts the process of digesting carbohydrates. The enzyme ptyalin makes it easier for your body to generate energy from carbohydrates.

At the same time, chewing your juice helps your body figure out what kind of enzymes it needs to properly digest the juice. By chewing your juice, you help your digestive system and make the most of the energy you get from fresh juice.

The Benefits of Drinking Slowly

Another reason you should be chewing your juice is that it reminds you to slow down and think about what you’re doing. Eating and drinking slowly gives your body more time to absorb nutrients and digest properly. Chewing also lets the food acclimate to your body’s temperature, making it easier to absorb sugars and nutrients.

Not all benefits are nutritional, of course. Slowing down and chewing allows you to savor the fresh and tasty flavor of your fruit or vegetable juice. Instead of chugging your juice mindlessly, take the time to enjoy it and revel in the bright, delicious flavors.

Nutritious Eating Habits for a Nutritious Life

Using fruit and vegetable juicers to create and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juice is an excellent habit to get into, and chewing your juice makes the experience even better. Slow down, savor the fresh flavors, and help your body get the most nutrients out of your juice.