As more and more people discover the delicious benefits of fresh juice, more businesses discover the benefits of selling that juice. Restaurants, juice bars, grocery stores, and other establishments must continue to show creativity and innovation to keep their drink menus exciting. Fortunately, the world of fresh fruit and vegetable juice is always changing, so there are always new trends and sources of inspiration to draw on in your business. Discover the top juicing trends that are drawing customers with this rundown.

Local and Organic

Customers are more health-conscious than they used to be. More people are searching for the healthiest—and tastiest—options available. Serving fresh fruit and vegetable juice already gives you a leg up, but you can take your commitment to serving healthy options even further by choosing your produce sources carefully. When you stock your business with locally-sourced organic fruits and veggies, you give yourself only the freshest and healthiest ingredients to work with.

In addition to being healthier and therefore more appealing to customers, sourcing local ingredients lets you support the local economy and participate in your business’s community.

A Touch of the Unexpected

You never want to forget about top-selling classics, but a little creativity is the perfect way to catch attention and entice your customers into trying something new. Look for unique or uncommon ingredients that offer incredible flavors, great health benefits, or an exciting twist on an old favorite. Experiment with herbs and spices or combine favorite flavors with something off the beaten path, such as citrus and ginger.

Another great new trend that will excite customers is sugarcane juice. You can use a commercial sugarcane juicer to create naturally sweet and delightfully refreshing sugarcane juice for customers who want to try something new, tasty, and nutritious.

Veggies Over Fruit

A top juicing trend that is drawing customers is an emphasis on fresh vegetable juice. Fruit juice is delicious, but it’s more common than creative, freshly-made vegetable drinks. Delight loyal customers with vibrant, nutritious vegetable juice classics like carrot juice. Surprise new customers with tasty concoctions such as mint and celery juice, refreshing kale-based green juices, and more. There are always more recipes to discover when your business serves fresh vegetable juice.

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