From juice bars to grocery stores, many businesses can set themselves apart by serving fresh juice to customers. A creative and colorful menu can keep people excited about your business and the products you sell. By selling tried and true classics alongside fun new recipes, you can always deliver delicious and enticing beverages to your customers. Keep your menu fresh with this list of the most popular juices to serve your customers.

Vibrant Seasonal Favorites

Customers go to juice bars for fresh and nutritious products. A rotating menu keeps your inventory relevant and in season all year long. Plus, customers will love the chance to try something new every few months.

Fruit Juices for Spring

Spring is when the world blooms and plants come to life. Celebrate the season with a colorful range of fruit juices. Pineapples and strawberries are popular flavors in spring. Kiwis and cherries are another sweet seasonal flavor to try.

Fruit Juices for Summer

Summer brings out a delightful range of fresh fruits and flavors. Pineapple and strawberry are still great during the summer. You can also add watermelon—a seasonal favorite—to your menu. Other tropical flavors, like papaya or mango, also bring a unique flavor to your business.

Fruit Juices for Autumn

Autumn is full of rich flavors everyone can get excited about. When the temperature starts to cool off, get into the season with apple juice made with produce from local orchards. Cranberries are another excellent fall flavor. You can also stand out with options like passion fruit, figs, and guava.

Fruit Juices for Winter

Citrus flavors shine in the winter. Orange juice is a classic, but you also can’t go wrong with grapefruit. You can also mix things up with spices and herbs. Warm spices are an excellent way to stay cozy during the winter chill.

Remember the Veggies

Fruit juices are always a hit, but you can also draw customers in with healthy and delicious vegetable juice. Classics like tomatoes, carrots, and leafy greens are great for attracting a health-conscious crowd. You can also juice celery, beets, and cucumber. If you’re looking for a new spin on your vegetable juice recipes, try using herbs or roots like mint or ginger.

Beloved Classics

New recipes are a great way to keep your menu exciting, but there’s no denying that classic flavors are some of the most popular juices to serve your customers. Apple juice and orange juice are staples that people will always want on your menu. However, you can also put a spin on these classics with variants like cranberry orange juice, spinach apple juice, and more.

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