Commercial juicing equipment helps businesses such as juice bars, hotels, wellness centers, and restaurants produce high-quality juice that customers love. To ensure your juice retains its quality, find out the importance of maintaining commercial juicing equipment.

Make Refreshing, Tasty Juice

One reason people love drinking fresh juice is that it tastes better than pasteurized juice left to sit on a shelf. Cleaning your juicing appliance regularly and replacing worn, damaged, or missing parts helps you consistently offer your customers flavorful juice.

To thoroughly clean your equipment, follow the manual instructions for your specific juicer model. You need to clean the appliance after every use; this ensures residue doesn’t harden and encrust components such as the basket, bowl, juice cover, pulp container, pulp retainer, and food pusher.

Keeping the machine clean prevents contaminants from spoiling the flavor and texture of your product. In addition to our selection of the highest quality professional juicer machines, Juicernet also offers a food-safe and eco-friendly commercial juicer cleaner. This cleaner is great for everyday use.

Guarantee Long Appliance Life

Another reason it’s important to maintain your commercial juicing equipment is that proper care is key to the long-term use of your appliance. Your commercial juicer is a powerful machine that simplifies the process of creating delicious drinks. Make the most of your equipment by taking care of its components.

Care instructions vary depending on your juicer. Some juicers, such as the ES900, have parts that are dishwasher-safe for convenient care. In all cases, you want to avoid cleaning with abrasive materials to keep the surfaces scratch-free.

Avoid Disruptive Downtime

Taking care of your equipment helps your business avoid disruptive downtime. When you regularly clean and properly maintain your appliance, you greatly reduce the chance of damage that puts your business on hold.

When cleaning, always inspect parts to make sure you replace them as needed. If parts go missing or become damaged, be sure to replace them for safety. For example, if you check the grater and find that teeth are missing, do not use the grater and replace it immediately. This helps you run your machine at an optimal level, and it also prevents minor issues from worsening to bigger problems.

Juicernet provides a superior warranty on parts and service, and we carry the spare parts you may need for your commercial juicer. With our commercial juicing equipment, it’s a breeze for you to make delicious juice your customers will love. Find the right model that meets your capacity needs today.