Whether you’re adding a festive touch to food or drinks, a pineapple garnish adds vibrant color to your presentation. Create a visual sensation and avoid a lackluster flop by exploring the dos and don’ts of using pineapple as garnish.

Do Consider Flavor

Many of the best garnishes don’t just look good—they’re edible and add a dash of flavor to the dish or drink they’re served with. Keep in mind that garnishes made from the base of the pineapple will have a sweeter taste and a more tender bite.

Consider foods and beverages that pineapple pairs well with; this fruit makes an especially tasty garnish on barbecued meat dishes and tropical cocktails and mocktails.

Don’t Ignore the Leaves

Want to add something unexpected to your garnish? Don’t ignore this fruit’s leaves. Take inspiration from the pineapple’s crown to incorporate unique geometry.

Clean and cut two or three beautiful pineapple leaves, then place them in a glass filled with ice. Standing straight up, these green spikes add vertical flair to your refreshment.

Do Play With Shapes

No matter how you slice it, the pineapple is a beautiful fruit. Rather than using the same cuts over and over again, mix things up with different shapes.

Place fresh or grilled pineapple rings over ham, salmon, chicken, or beef. Slip a pineapple wedge onto a glass rim alone or with a maraschino cherry. Use a large toothpick to skewer diced pineapple with another fruit, such as kiwi or raspberry, for a chunky kebab to place over a smoothie.

Don’t Forget Dried Pineapple

Fresh pineapple has an upbeat, sunny appearance, but don’t forget that you aren’t limited to using uncooked fruit. Consider using oven-dried pineapple garnishes to strike a different tone.

Drying pineapple will turn the fruit’s bright yellow shade into deeper hues of gold, orange, and brown. Dried pineapple slices make a beautiful drink garnish, and thin slices of dried pineapple can look like flowers that add an elegant touch to beverages and baked goods.

When you consider the dos and don’ts of using pineapple as garnish, it’s clear that the versatility of pineapple makes it easy to use. However, cutting the whole fruit can be time-consuming and tricky.

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