Nicole Loomis

Juice bars are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with those looking to make a healthy adjustment to their diets. Juicing allows people to include more fruits and vegetables into their diets while not having to make major changes to their normal eating patterns. If you’re wondering how to start a juice bar to capitalize on this trend, use these tips to get moving on your future juice business.

Don’t: Over Or Under Price
Price is important when you’re setting up your juice business. Charge too much, and people won’t be willing to buy your juice. Charge too little, and you won’t make enough to cover your costs. Check what the competition near you is charging for their fresh fruit juice and price your options accordingly.

Don’t: Use Cheap Ingredients
It can be tempting to cut corners by purchasing more affordable ingredients for your juice. However, do your best to avoid this. Customers can tell the difference between high quality, organic ingredients and cheap produce. Saving on ingredients means you’ll lose out on customers with more refined taste.

Do: Try New Flavors
Just because it hasn’t been tried before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried. According to a 2016 Trend Insight Report from Fona International, 40% of Millennials are bored with standard fruit and juice flavors. Brands, manufacturers, and businesses that offer customized products or unique flavor blends will appeal to this demographic. Try out new flavor combinations alongside tried and true classics in order to give your menu a bit of extra variety that’s sure to draw in customers.

Do: Use The Right Equipment
When you’re looking into how to start a juice bar , you’re probably limited on your resources. However, it’s important to use what you have to get the best equipment and commercial juicers possible. Having the right commercial fruit juicers keeps your new business fast and efficient, allowing you to get the most out of every ingredient and not keep customers waiting.
Starting a juice bar can be tricky, but with the right equipment, ingredients, and know-how, you’ll be set for success. For more information on your new commercial fruit juicers or on how to start a juice bar, contact Juicernet today. To control the color or size of this text, please change the global colors or text size under the Design section from the left menu of the editor.