Adding wheatgrass to your diet can prove to be very beneficial for your health. Wheatgrass has a variety of vitamins and minerals that good for your body. The easiest way to add wheatgrass to your diet is by having it as juice.

  1. Cleanses the Liver
  2. Helps Reduce Swelling From Arthritis
  3. Contains Vitamin E
  4. Aids with the Prevention of Cancer
  5. Improves Digestion
  6. Prevents Tooth Decay
  7. Contains Vitamin A
  8. Aids With Weight Loss
  9. Contains Vitamin C
  10. Helps With Bad Breath
  11. Helps Improve Circulation
  12. Helps Boost Your Immune System
  13. Contains Vitamin K
  14. Can Help With Fertility
  15. Helps With Getting Rid of Bacteria
  16. Slows Down the Aging Process
  17. Drinking 2 Ounces of Wheatgrass is Equivalent to Consuming 4 Pounds of Greens