Nicole Loomis

Drink options can really make a difference in the amount of business your restaurant gets. Customers like to have a variety of options, and in many places they are limited to only soda or sugary, processed drinks. Giving them a wider variety to choose from by offering a juice bar could be great for business. Here’s why:

1. Healthy Alternatives
There are plenty of potential customers out there who want to eat out, but choose not to due to a lack of healthy options. They would rather eat and drink at home where they can make things that are good for them. Not to mention that it can get boring sticking to water every time they go out. You can offer these people a healthier alternative by opening a juice bar and selling drinks like fresh fruit juice. It is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to have multiple cups of fruits and vegetables per day, but around 70% of Americans don’t meet that requirement. Your juice bar could help them change that.

2. More Variety
You can offer a lot of variety when you invest in commercial juice machines and a commercial wheatgrass juicer. You can create a variety of flavor combinations, and can even branch out into smoothies. Customers love to be offered variety and being able to change things up when they come to your restaurant, so this is another way to give them that luxury.

3. Get Ahead on Trends
It’s becoming a trendy thing to offer fresh beverages and healthy menu options. There is a huge movement in the U.S. today to utilize more organic ingredients and be more mindful of what goes into your body. However, there are still a lot of places that haven’t jumped on this wagon. You can get ahead on this trend by utilizing a commercial wheatgrass juicer and fruit juicer.

4. Create Custom Drinks
Another fun option that your juice bar could offer is the ability for customers to create custom drinks. People love to customize things and feel like they are creating a product just for them. Make buying drinks fun for your customers and allow them to choose their flavors.

Opening a juice bar offers lots of benefits for you and your customers. It can take your business to the next level and help you stand out among the crowd.