Organic produce, clean foods, and more colorful diets are all the rage with today’s health-conscious consumers. Your customers want to fill their bags with fresh, nutritious, and delectable products they can take home to feed their families. However, consumers are also aware of the busy lives they lead. Not everyone has time to peel, core, slice, and otherwise prepare every piece of food they put on the table. As such, you might find customers shying away from products that are difficult to prepare, such as the delicious pineapple.

That’s where the convenient and durable commercial pineapple corer comes in. By installing a pineapple corer in your business, you help boost sales, stand out among competitors, and please the high standards of your busy customers. Discover the benefits of commercial pineapple corers below.

Step up Your Sales Game

Customers who don’t want to spend time cutting their own pineapple at home might pass over the product altogether, costing you a valuable transaction. The ease and convenience that a commercial pineapple peeler and corer offers make the product more appealing to even the busiest customer. Freshly sliced pineapple is a ready-to-eat product that’s perfect for grilling, putting in salads, or baking into desserts. Pineapple slices or spears also make a tempting snack, especially when you show them off at a sample station on your store floor. When customers can smell and taste a bit of the fresh, juicy pineapple you offer, they won’t be able to resist the cravings—or the convenience.

Make Your Produce Department More Colorful

Whether you choose the sleek HO3 pineapple corer or the vibrant self-serve Piñabar, a commercial pineapple corer adds a new look and new products to your produce department. Each model of pineapple corer from Juicernet offers versatility through different available blade sizes. Use the right blade for each size pineapple to get the perfect cut each time. Additionally, the S961 pineapple corer grants easy mobility so that you can move it from sample stations to service counters and beyond. For a pineapple corer that stands out in customers’ minds and puts you ahead of your competition, try the Piñabar. Customers will love the convenience of serving themselves, while you can enjoy the customizable style and color for a boost in your branding.

A Lasting, Durable Investment for Your Business

Juicernet’s freestanding and tabletop model pineapple corers consist of durable, corrosion-proof stainless steel. All pineapple corers—including the self-serve Piñabar—are easy to clean. Additionally, Juicernet’s blade sharpening program and stocked replacement parts make it easy to keep your commercial pineapple corer in great shape. When you invest in a Juicernet pineapple corer for your business, you and your customers will reap the benefits of commercial pineapple corers for years to come.