Carrots are one of the most known and eaten vegetables in the United States. Unlike other fruits and vegetables, carrots are available all year around in different sizes and in a variety of methods from shredded to frozen, to pureed. Making this vegetable an affordable staple for many. Most people know carrots as rich in beta-carotene. But many are unfamiliar with the many benefits of adding carrots to a diet.

Carrots have been around for over 5,000 years and were originally first used for medicine purposes only. Carrots come in many colors and sizes with over 100 different species.

The Benefits:

Heart Healthy
Carrots can lower LDL cholesterol levels, making them a heart-healthy option. It can also help prevent a stroke.


Carrots are rich in antioxidants.

Prevents Cancer

Multiple studies have found that carrots can reduce the risk of a variety of cancers. Among those cancers are breast, lung, and colon cancer.

Dental Health

Carrots can aid in removing food particles and plaques from teeth while also killing harmful germs.

Eye Health

The Vitamin A in carrots makes them a great option for continuous eye care.

Flushes out Toxins

Eating carrots can help your liver flush out all its toxins due to the high levels of Vitamin A.

Adding carrots to your diet can be as easy as adding it to your salad, soups, wraps, cakes or drinking carrot juice. Juicing can be an easy and convenient way to add carrots to anyone’s diet. The fresh juice can easily be taken on the go or used with recipes. You may also use the pulp from the carrots in recipes. To find out more about the benefits of juicing, check out our blog. To juice your carrots, we recommend the Ceado ES 700 or the ES 500 fruit and vegetable juicer.

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