Turning a hand-picked pineapple into fresh and delicious pineapple spears or chunks has never been easier than with the Piñabar. This self-serve pineapple technology brings customers through the front doors of many different businesses. In addition to being convenient for customers, the Piñabar presents a colorful branding opportunity to make your store stand out that much more.

Is the Piñabar a good idea for your business? Learn more about the stores and markets that would benefit from a Piñabar and how it can serve your business with this guide.

Traditional Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a common and conventional way for customers to get their groceries. Everything you could need for the kitchen—fresh produce, canned goods, and so on—is available at a supermarket. These stores focus on food and ingredients; nonetheless, modern store layouts are starting to offer more and more. With one-stop-shop supercenters, online ordering, and delivery options, some supermarkets struggle to get customers through the doors.

A Piñabar is a great attraction to bring more attention to your produce aisle. The eye-catching design and convenient self-serve operation make the Piñabar an easy and enjoyable way for customers to purchase freshly cut pineapple from your store.

Fresh Food Markets

Many modern grocery stores are overflowing with processed goods that include artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. As a result, more and more customers are looking for fresh and natural options that offer a healthier addition to their weekly diets. Fresh food markets prioritize fresh, local, and organic foods, making them some of the most popular stores and markets that would benefit from a Piñabar.

Fresh pineapple is an alluring part of your produce aisle. Make it even more enticing by giving customers a quick and handy way to peel, core, and cut their pineapple. Offering products that are both healthy and convenient is a great way to bring more attention to your store and stand out from competitors in your area.

Convenience Stores

Corner marts, gas stations, and other convenience stores are great places for customers to stop and quickly find what they need. Whether you’re fueling up during a long road trip or simply don’t want to bother with a full grocery stop on the way home, convenience stores are an easy way to get what you need. Many convenience stores have branched out into selling baked goods, pizza, and other fresh foods. They might also include a self-serve coffee bar for customers.

It’s easy to see a Piñabar succeeding among these options. In fact, many convenience stores lack nutritious options for their customers. Selling fresh fruit—especially fresh fruit that customers can quickly prepare themselves into easy finger foods—is a great way to branch out into healthier options. The Piñabar can help set your convenience store apart, making your business a popular destination for commuters and travelers everywhere.

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