Nicole Loomis

With spring’s arrival also comes the arrival of natural abundance — often in the form of fresh produce. If your establishment emphasizes local fruits and vegetables as part of your menu or you simply want a way to freshen up your juice bar recipes for the spring season, look no further than the following ideas. We guarantee both your staff and your customers will be hooked on these fresh fruit juices in no time.

Gorgeous Green Juice
Although many people used to be a bit hesitant to try green juices, health gurus and casual juicers alike are now a lot more inclined to order these veggie-prominent beverages. Green juices often feature kale and/or spinach, which you can easily put into commercial juice extractors, along with other veggies and subtle fruits. This particular recipe combines a half bunch of kale and a cup of spinach with some magic from your wheatgrass juice extractor machine. Add in a cucumber, a lemon, two carrots, and an apple (with some optional parsley or mint) for a fresh but not overly “green” taste experience. The finished product will have a vibrant green hue but won’t be overpowering, which will make newbies and long-time fans alike come back for more.

Herbal Grapefruit Juice
According to, one four-ounce serving of 100% fruit juice contains the same nutrients that can be found in whole fruit. And with this bright and slightly spicy juice, your customers will start their day off on a healthy and delicious note. Grapefruit juice on its own can be a tangy treat, but it’s even better if you add just a couple of extra ingredients: some fresh ginger and a half-cup of mint. It’s light, refreshing, and full of flavor. And it’s definitely the kind of drink that could stand up to a bit of alcohol, if you’re looking for some springtime cocktail ideas to add to your restaurant menu.

Sweet Melon Juice
When you’re planning on opening a juice bar, you might expect to include more citrus ingredients than fleshy fruits. But melon season typically starts in May, so this is the perfect time to branch out and put some new produce in your commercial juice extractor. Combine half a cantaloupe and half a honeydew melon with two apples, a few sprigs of mint, and several leaves of kale and Swiss chard. This sweet yet subtle juice will feel more like an indulgence, but it’s an excellent addition to any healthy diet.

Whether you source your produce locally or focus on providing consistent flavors year-round, these recipes will be easy to execute (thanks to your commercial juice extractor!). For more menu ideas or how our products can help your business thrive this spring, please contact us today.