Maintaining your commercial juicer plays an important role in expanding the lifespan of your juicer. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your juicer is operating smoothly. One of the most important measures to take is maintaining the cleanliness of your juicer. Cleaning your juicer can be an easy task if you follow the correct steps. For example, to clean your Ceado ES500/700/900 juicer you may consider using our EZ Power Cleaner, which is exclusive to Juicernet. This product can be found on our website and be used daily! Purchasing a commercial juice machine for sale is a convenient and profitable way for your company to provide customers with an appealing and refreshing product but be sure to always maintain your juicers!

Initially, cleaning your juicer may appear to be an intimidating task, however, with time it becomes second nature and will put your mind at ease knowing that you are giving your customers the best quality juice on the market. Cleanliness of your juicer and the quality of your juice goes hand in hand. For example, refraining from cleaning your grating disc may lead to lower yield and wet pulp. Additionally, it may be beneficial to have a reliable and well-trained team of employees who understand how to properly clean your commercial juicer. This will ensure that your juicer will continue to serve your business and your team throughout its lifespan.

Reasons to Clean Your Commercial Juicer

A clean, shiny commercial juicer makes an excellent first impression on customers. When you keep your commercial juicer clean, you show that you care about the appearance of your business as well as the products you serve.

Clean Your Produce Before You Juice

In addition to cleaning your commercial juicer, you should also clean the exterior of your produce to avoid bacteria or germs transferring to your juice. You should implement a standard washing procedure for produce. You may consider using professional grade fruit and vegetable washer or you can rinse off each piece in a sink with colanders. For produce with a harder exterior, use a scrub brush to remove excess debris.

Clean Your Commercial Juicer Daily

Implement a daily cleaning protocol to keep your team on track with cleaning your juicer properly. Train your staff and assign duties to ensure your juicer stays clean and free of pulp buildup. Employees will need to know the step-by-step procedure of how to properly clean your commercial juicer as well as other best practices like safety tips and a regular cleaning schedule. Additionally, emphasize the imperative reasons to clean your commercial juicer and produce. If your employees understand the importance of keeping your juicer clean, they will be more enthusiastic about keeping your juicer clean and safe.

Clean Your Juicer Between Juices

While your commercial juicer is in use throughout the day, you should perform periodical cleaning to ensure tough stains do not build up. This step also makes end-of-day cleaning easier.

To clean your commercial juicer during the day, you may run water through it to rinse out the inside of the machine to prevent mixing of different fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you may also consider using our food safe and ecofriendly juicer cleaner called EZ Power Cleaner, exclusive to Juicernet. This cleaner is great for everyday use, and eliminates carrot, turmeric, and other tough stains. This will also help prevent dry pulp from clogging the screens, as this is difficult to wash away at the end of the day. You can also open the juicer to remove the magnetic bowl and basket for a quick wash. Remember that your juicer should never sit around dirty, as this could potentially lead to buildup of residue. It is important to maintain the upkeep of your Ceado juicer to ensure best results.

Clean Thoroughly at the End of the Day

You should always clean your juicer at the end of the day. A full cleaning after you close for the night thoroughly eliminates bacteria and ensures your juicer is ready to produce fresh and clean juice in the morning. When the time comes to shut down and cleanse your juicer at the end of the day, make sure your team follows these critical steps.

Unplug Your Juicer

The first step you must take when performing a full clean on your juicer is to remove it from its power source. This is a crucial step for your staff to know—unplugging the juicer before cleaning the entire machine prevents power surges, injuries, and electrical fires. Generally, it is a good idea to unplug your commercial juicer when it is not in use. Secure the wires and keep all electrical components away from water sources as you clean the juicer.

Take Out Removable Components

Once you safely unplug the juicer, the next step is to take out any removable pieces such as the basket, bowl, and grating disc and pulp ring. Use soap and water to scrub any remaining fruit or vegetable leftover matter from each item. If necessary, soak these pieces overnight to deal with serious clogs and messes. Once clean, allow the pieces to air dry in a well-ventilated space. You can also use a towel to dry them completely before putting them back in the machine but first make sure the towel is sanitary and clean. Avoid placing wet or damp pieces back into the juicer, as this can lead to mildew and other harmful microorganisms.

Wipe Down Your Juicer

The final step of the cleaning process is to wipe down your commercial juicer, effectively cleaning the rest of the machine. Use an antibacterial spray or cleanser to wipe down the tray, sides, and other areas where juice can splash and spill throughout the day. You may need to use a small brush or another fine tool to scrub edges and other nooks and crannies. A Ceado cleaning kit is available on our website, for your convenience. Also, make sure you are very thorough so that you extract all remnants of juice to prevent bacteria from forming. Do not soak your juicer with water or spray near areas with cords or other electrical components. This could potentially lead to damage of the electrical parts and may cause damage to your machine or your employees. Finally, dry off the machine after you clean it to prevent moisture buildup.

Failure to clean your commercial juicer regularly can lead to malfunctioning parts and other drawbacks such as less yield, wet pulp, and buildup of residue. Juicernet can supply the specific parts and products to help your commercial juicer look and work like new again. Once your juicer is up and running, establish and follow a reliable cleaning regimen so that your juicer remains in good shape for years to come. Keep your staff and customers safe with a daily cleaning routine that keeps your juicer spotless throughout the day.

Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Clean Your Commercial Juicer