Bonnie Mulligan 

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice is easy with JBT Fresh’n Squeeze

The demand for fresh and healthy items in the supermarket industry is a strong trend in 2018. Have you delayed in starting a fresh juice program because you thought it would be too much work for your supermarket? Partner with Juicernet and we make it a smooth and easy process. Our customers have shared how their fresh juice programs bring customers back multiple times per week to get more fresh squeezed juice. Their overall opinion of the store is elevated as a reliable place to get fresh and healthy food along with their fresh squeezed juice. Here are six tips to successfully merchandise your fresh juice to optimize sales.

Select a high traffic area for your juicer. The best department is in the Produce Department.

Display your fresh squeezed orange juice in a bed of flaked ice. Surround the display and juicer with stacked crates of fresh oranges. This helps to create an eye catching display. Add in hanging colorful signs advertising that the juice is 100% Pure and Fresh Squeezed.

Have a sampling plan in place and while juicing make sure to offer samples of the fresh squeezed juice. Sampling will increase your sales of juice. It is a good idea to keep the oranges chilled, this will provide your customers delicious chilled fresh orange juice.

Always juice during peak shopping hours. The best time for juicing is your busiest time of the day because when you start the juicer, the fragrance of fresh orange juice will fill the air and attract customers to the Produce Department. Seeing the juice being made fresh reinforces your store as a place to get healthy fresh food.

Turn-over & Rotating
It is best to make enough juice to sell in one day. Leftover juice should be arranged to be sold first. Valencia orange juice will keep approximately one week in your cooler from the time it was squeezed.


It should be a standard operating procedure to fully clean the machine daily. A clean machine on display is good for your juice business.