Bonnie Mulligan • Apr 06, 2020

Piñabar: The Fresh Fruit Fun Factor

During this time of quarantine and measures against the spread of the corona-virus, we see an increased interest in the topic of sanitation and food safety.

At Dutch Food Technology, since the first introduction of the Piñabar, we have invested heavily into getting the correct Health and Food Safety certification. Notably the NSF Food Safety Certification.

The NSF Certification standards address three aspects which are all based on requirements in the US FDA Food code, covering hygienic aspects of all the food equipment in the kitchen, retail outlets, food service establishments and all other areas where food is being stored, prepared and served.

They cover:
– The suitability of the materials in direct contact with food
– The design of the equipment, in particular with regard to its cleanability
– The performance of the equipment when it comes to health risks (e.g. temperature performance)

Annual unannounced audits verifying Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and the traceability of the materials and components that are used, ensure that the products continue to meet the requirements. 

Piñabar Food Safety
Having secured the NSF certification we are confident that our pineapple experience is a safe investment for the retail shop floor. Cleanability is especially made easy. This way our customers can present a sanitized machine every day.
Stay healthy!

Watch the Piñabar in Action.