After a rapid transition to remote work in 2020, businesses are starting to bring their employees back to their physical office space. This change is both exciting and daunting. Having your team on-site means easier communication and a return to normalcy. However, company culture and employee expectations might have changed during the time apart. How can you ensure things go well when you’re all face-to-face again? A healthy workspace, vibrant company culture, and exciting employee perks are great ways to give your staff a triumphant return. Investing in a commercial juicer is a great way to achieve all three of these things. Provide excellent perks for your people with these creative ways to incentivize team members with fresh juice.

Reimagine the Future of Company Perks

Discovering innovative ways to encourage employees to safely return to the office has posed a challenge for many businesses. Business owners are investing in new opportunities to overcome hurdles that have negatively impacted office culture and uncertainty as we transition to a “new normal” in office settings. Identifying ways to add new perks can be a grueling task for companies to take on. As such, one of the creative ways that offices are incentivizing their team members is by adding a commercial juicer or pineapple corer on-site. This will create a more enjoyable and persuasive transition for those returning to the office.

Returning to the Office—Overcoming Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to many businesses around the world, leading to a shift in office protocols and safety procedures. As a result, a large majority of non-essential businesses chose to safeguard their staff by allowing them to temporarily work remotely. However, as people slowly begin to return to the office, business owners and leaders are looking for inventive ways to show support of their staff by providing a safe and healthy environment to return to. Providing fresh juice in the office is a great additive to motivate your staff to return to the office as well as a considerable incentive for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle post-pandemic.

Rebuild Company Culture

Rebuilding company culture post-pandemic may be a daunting task for some business owners and leaders. Cultural adaptability has allowed many businesses to overcome obstacles such as protecting their workforce and ensuring a safe and healthy environment. Preventative measures, such as providing healthier food options, can reassure your staff that you support their well-being and eating habits. Adding a commercial juicer—such as our Ceado ES-500/700/900—or pineapple corer—such as our Piñabar—will enhance office culture and inspire your staff to live a healthier lifestyle!

Encourage Healthy Options

Additionally, adding a commercial juicer or a commercial pineapple corer, such as our Piñabar, to your office space can promote office camaraderie. For example, many companies are finding alternative ways to create a safe and fun environment by engaging in socially distanced activities such as office “wellness contests.” Offering healthy options on-site is an easy way to boost staff productivity and create a lively and rejuvenating atmosphere. This will allow you to reinvent the wheel by providing fresh fruit juice for office meetings or fresh peeled and cored pineapple for your team members to take home to their families as needed!

A commercial juicer provides many creative ways to incentivize team members with fresh juice. Juicernet is recognized around the world as having the highest quality juicers and pineapple corers. Have questions? Contact us by dialing (800) 627-2886 or emailing to request more information today.