Coring produce removes seeds and tough and unappetizing fibers, leaving only the most delicious elements behind. Without the right tools, this vital food preparation process can be too difficult or time-consuming. Upgrade your professional kitchen with this kitchen equipment checklist for coring fruits and vegetables.

Knives, Corers, and Pitters

If you only need to core a few items, you can use knives, handheld corers, and pitters. These must-have tools will get the job done, but they will take too much effort and time for the volume of produce that professional kitchens process.

You can typically use a paring knife or chef’s knife to core most produce. Cut the produce in half or in quarters. Then use your knife to cut along where the core meets the rest of the fruit or vegetable to separate the two.

Stainless Steel Tabletop Coring Equipment

For a more efficient process, invest in a stainless-steel coring device. This must-have kitchen equipment efficiently cores fruits and vegetables and minimizes waste.

A stainless-steel pineapple corer is one of the most useful corer tools you can have in your professional kitchen. Pineapples have a hard and thick rind and core, and coring them without this tool can be too big a hassle.

Juicernet carries two types of stainless-steel pineapple corers. Create ready-to-eat pineapples for your customers with the Stainless-Steel Pineapple Corer HO-3 for low-volume use.

To core higher volumes of pineapple, use the Stainless-Steel Pineapple Corer S961. This model has a knife that turns 90 degrees when coring and peeling. Choose the cutting blade diameter based on pineapple size.

Coring Machine

A heavy-duty coring machine can efficiently process large volumes of produce. Depending on your machine, it might also perform other tasks like peeling and cutting.

Prepare peeled and cored pineapple spears or cylinders in minutes with Juicernet’s Piñabar Self-Service Pineapple Coring Machine. Getting fresh, ready-to-eat pineapple has never been so easy. Customers will enjoy watching this convenient machine at work.

Juicernet’s pineapple core removers tackle pineapples with ease. Our equipment will improve efficiency in your kitchen and can dramatically boost your business’s pineapple sales. Shop with us today.